Our history

Founded in 1983 by Canac-Marquis Grenier, Manugypse works since in the distribution of interior products. In 1989, the steel products manufacturing department was added to the company and today, Manugypse is the leader in its field in Quebec and always pushes the boundaries in order to always stay ahead of the market.

In January of 2016, Manugypse officially opened its second branch in Boucherville to extend its covered territory to the Montreal area and just over a year later, it began extensive renovation works to renew the building and adapt it perfectly to its needs, adding among others a complete tooling department.

2017 then marked a great renewal for Manugypse: the company remodels its image for the first time in over 30 years. This revitalization announces its intention to redefine its image as a more mature company, but still in full expansion and renewal.

Wanting to constantly push the boundaries of the market by developing new products and new working approaches, Manugypse has carved itself a special place in Quebec’s market and is known for its impeccable service, its customer loyalty and its competitive prices.

Our mission

Ensure to entrepreneurs, merchants and professionals the availability of quality materials at competitive prices, a proper technical service and an efficient and reliable after-sales service

Distributor of interior system products since 1983, Manugypse has developed a significant expertise in shipping and handling. This expertise combined with a friendly and personalized service ensures the entire satisfaction of its customers’ expectations.

It is with this vision that in 1989, a manufacturing division of steel products was created. By producing an extensive range of quality materials, the company can quickly meet the needs and requirements of the construction industry. At Manugypse, a young and dynamic management team and a specialized and skilled labor unite to accomplish the corporate mission it has set itself:

Our values

Manugypse’s values are directly reflected in the services it offers to its customers. They motivate us to always exceed ourself in order to remain the market leader.


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